Superb lunch at Sat Bains development kitchen

This weekend, for Kat’s birthday, we went to Sat Bains, (the name of the restaurant, and the name of the proprietor and chef).  We are lucky enough to have been a few times before, to the main restaurant, and always had a super meal.  This time, by happy accident, Sara booked lunch in the development kitchen (see here).

The idea is simple – you eat at a breakfast bar that is part of a small kitchen that is used to try out new ideas.  But, the chance to chat to the chef throughout the meal makes it a much more engaging and educational experience.  In our case, the chef was Nanna Vestergaard who was absolutely excellent – interested, knowledgeable, inquisitive, chatty, as well as clearly being an excellent cook.  And the food was, unsurprisingly, outstanding (just like the last times we have eaten there).

We’ve come away with all sorts of ideas to try, for much of which we have the right kit (sous vide water bath and the like).  And, feeling that we should really really invest in a centrifuge, though maybe a little smaller than the 3 litre one they had.  Ok, maybe this is stretching the definition of ‘invest’ well beyond the normal meaning, but I WANT one!

Our previous best restaurant meal ever was  at the Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal’s three Michelin star restaurant.  The previous visits to Sat Bains were almost as enjoyable.  Almost.  This was as good – a different experience, but we loved it.  Anyway, if you have a chance, and you are anywhere near Nottingham, do try and book a visit to Sat Bains, and if you like to know how the food is made, go for the development kitchen.  Either way, it is SO much better than a normal meal out, even if you go to otherwise good restaurants.

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