Dry ice ice cream

I held out for ages, but Kat has a ‘desserts’ school cookery project, so we gave in, and had a crack at making ice-cream with dry ice today. We almost didn’t start, as the delivery driver couldn’t find our gate (it’s right there on the front of the house, next to the house number on the gate post; not really a hard ask).  And, we didn’t hear the call, so only mid-morning did we find an email saying that the delivery couldn’t be made.  The driver said he’d come back on Monday – not all that useful as the dry ice would have evaporated, and we would have just bought the most expensive empty polystyrene box ever.  But, we managed to cajole a return, so just after lunch we set off.

Of course, having gone to the expense of the dry ice (almost £50 including £20 for Saturday delivery), we kept making more until we ran out.  Caramel was super, and Tia Maria (Kat’s invention) was just outstanding – we thought it was the best we could remember ever having.  Bacon and egg ice-cream was as odd a taste as when we had it at the Fat Duck restaurant – great, but odd.  Only what we thought would be a dead cert, of chocolate, was a bit meah – fine, but nothing special.

Of course, there were some errors along the way, most clear of which was to break the dry-ice into near powder, and add gently. Our first go had a rather larger load of dry ice, which ‘boiled over’ :-

Too much dry ice for the ice cream

Quite fun to look at, but it took quite a lot of cleaning up of sticky everything afterwards, and some effort to recover the icecream which was in iron hard lumps.  We abandoned using the baby ice-cream maker that we had been using for churning and used a large bowl, a wooden spoon and elbow grease.  A decent bowl mixer would have been easier, if of course we had one.  We also blitzed the ice cream in a blender when frozen, which made it really smooth.

We also had a go at using it in drinks.  The first stab was a little too enthusiastic to risk putting near your mouth
All drinks should be like this

But, we managed to crack it so Sa could have a witch’s sherry
Witches can have sherry too
All in all, great fun.  And with great results, even if it is by far the most expensive ice-cream we’ve ever had!

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  1. David Laughlin says:

    Seriously cool?

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