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Horstmann T50 thermostrat time setting

And another one.  To get to time set you press ‘Select’ and ‘Set’ buttons together for 3 seconds.  Up/down as you would expect, with ‘Select’ to switch from hours to minutes.  Then ‘Set’ to finish Advertisements

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How to change time on Danfoss TP5000

Just spend 20 minutes trying to find out, and web not helping, so for future travellers … Press ‘Prog’ and the minus button next to it as the same time and you can change the time.

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UK is averagely obese (ish), NOT the second most obese country in Europe

I try not to get to irritated by poor standards in stats in journalism as much as I used to.  Random Daily Mail reports based on flaky sources I can just about get past without more than a few seconds … Continue reading

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Scottish referendum was a good idea done badly

So, the people have spoken.  Which is a good thing.  Except that it isn’t, or at least not the way it was done. There seems to be a view that for really big decisions what is needed is a one … Continue reading

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Removing the IR lights in a Foscam FI9805W

A year or so ago we bought a CCTV camera for the house, as we seem to have oiks throwing stones at our patio doors every year or so, and we wanted to at least know what they looked like.  … Continue reading

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