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Horstmann T50 thermostrat time setting

And another one.  To get to time set you press ‘Select’ and ‘Set’ buttons together for 3 seconds.  Up/down as you would expect, with ‘Select’ to switch from hours to minutes.  Then ‘Set’ to finish Advertisements

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How to change time on Danfoss TP5000

Just spend 20 minutes trying to find out, and web not helping, so for future travellers … Press ‘Prog’ and the minus button next to it as the same time and you can change the time.

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UK is averagely obese (ish), NOT the second most obese country in Europe

I try not to get to irritated by poor standards in stats in journalism as much as I used to.  Random Daily Mail reports based on flaky sources I can just about get past without more than a few seconds … Continue reading

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Scottish referendum was a good idea done badly

So, the people have spoken.  Which is a good thing.  Except that it isn’t, or at least not the way it was done. There seems to be a view that for really big decisions what is needed is a one … Continue reading

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Fixing our Bosch ‘1 minute remaining’ dishwasher issue

We have a built-in Bosch dishwasher in our kitchen, and it has started occasionally not really running well, and never finishing the cycle – it just sits showing 1 minute forever, with the drain pump running.  We tried changing the … Continue reading

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