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Fragile digital world?

There is a belief, back from when the Internet was DARPAnet, that it could survive a nuclear blast – it is inherently fault tolerant, so it would route around damage.  In the early eighties, John Gilmour (one of the founders … Continue reading

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What was worth reading?

Web feeds seem to have fallen out of favour somewhat – I’m not sure why a they still work well as a method of getting pretty close the personalised newspaper that was always in the ‘what will the world look … Continue reading

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Fail – online recipes from grocers

It should be such a neat match.  Loads of people are searching for inspiration for what to cook … and having found something, often need to buy the ingredients.  So, it is hardly surprising that every grocer publishes recipes.  We … Continue reading

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Big rocks (including Churchill: A life)

There is the old analogy for getting things done of filling a jar with rocks, stones and sand.  If you don’t start with the rocks then they won’t fit later.  Of course, if you do put in some big rocks, … Continue reading

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e-bay selling – what took me so long?

It has taken us many years to try listing something on e-bay … but I am trying to work out why it took me so long.  I sorted out the camera cupboard last weekend, and though that I might as … Continue reading

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