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Do Metro writers not engage their brain?

I picked up a copy of the Metro this morning.  One of the items noted that staged car crashes are at a new high, with ‘more than one in 20 motorists believing that they have been a victim in the … Continue reading

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Naughty BBC : Flash crash was NOT caused by a ‘lone trader’

The flash crash in May 6th saw 10% of the value of the Dow Jones index disappear in a few minutes :- I read an article on this on the BBC this morning, following the publication of the SEC investigation … Continue reading

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Part deux – ‘worst case’ = self-delusion

I was interested to see today that the possible leakage rate from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may need to be revised up again.  Amongst other things, I noted in a post here that the leak was … Continue reading

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British nuclear weapons – why?

I was reading an article on the BBC web site (here) about Trident and its replacement.  All three main parties in Westminster agree on the need (to varying degrees – Lib Debs least) … but as I read it I … Continue reading

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Dappy; How stupid would you have to be

I don’t normally have any more contact with celebrity news than I can manage (sadly that doesn’t mean none).  But the story (see here and here) about Dappy from N-Dubz sending threatening texts to someone who texted radio 1 is … Continue reading

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