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AVing a bias?

The UK has a referendum on the government voting mechanism on the 5th May, to offer a choice between the existing first past the post scheme and an alternative called ‘Alternative Vote’.  I don’t often venture into Political debate, and … Continue reading

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British nuclear weapons – why?

I was reading an article on the BBC web site (here) about Trident and its replacement.  All three main parties in Westminster agree on the need (to varying degrees – Lib Debs least) … but as I read it I … Continue reading

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Arrogance (Mr Cameron je t’accuse)

I have been struck over many years, both in private corporate interactions and public pronouncements, how much arrogance some people show, and how often it has nothing to do with competence.  I was reminded of this today in the pronouncements … Continue reading

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Newspaper retractions and Stephen Hawking

It’s been fairly widely reported that as part of the US healthcare debate the Investors Business Daily wrote that:- “People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn’t have a chance in the UK, where the National Health Service would say the … Continue reading

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MP expenses = lack of imagination

The UK press is currently spending day after day going through the ‘MP expenses scandal’.  For anyone living in a cave, the UK parliment has basically had a very generous expenses system that has allowed over £20k/year in ‘living in … Continue reading

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