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Removing the IR lights in a Foscam FI9805W

A year or so ago we bought a CCTV camera for the house, as we seem to have oiks throwing stones at our patio doors every year or so, and we wanted to at least know what they looked like.  … Continue reading

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Fixing our Bosch ‘1 minute remaining’ dishwasher issue

We have a built-in Bosch dishwasher in our kitchen, and it has started occasionally not really running well, and never finishing the cycle – it just sits showing 1 minute forever, with the drain pump running.  We tried changing the … Continue reading

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Fail – online recipes from grocers

It should be such a neat match.  Loads of people are searching for inspiration for what to cook … and having found something, often need to buy the ingredients.  So, it is hardly surprising that every grocer publishes recipes.  We … Continue reading

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Howto : CO2 supply for our fish tank

We have a reasonable sized fish tank in our lounge, and we have never really managed to keep plants alive in it.  But, I have just found out that the reason is a lack of Carbon Dioxide in the water … Continue reading

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Big rocks (including Churchill: A life)

There is the old analogy for getting things done of filling a jar with rocks, stones and sand.  If you don’t start with the rocks then they won’t fit later.  Of course, if you do put in some big rocks, … Continue reading

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