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Draft design maths for measuring helium percentage

This is part of a potential project to build a trimix analyser.  See here for info on the project overall. A key component is to measure the percentage of helium in the gas, and one option for that is to … Continue reading

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Trimix gas analyser thinking

EDIT – created project as a github repository here. Those who are divers and have at least a Nitrox certification will know the value of analysing the gas you will be breathing (and there are many, myself included, who would … Continue reading

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JJ CCR head cover

I’ve been getting into diving quite a bit in the last few years, and now mostly dive a Closed Circuit Rebreather.  The one I use, like most, has a removable head (the top of the unit) that has most of … Continue reading

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Removing the IR lights in a Foscam FI9805W

A year or so ago we bought a CCTV camera for the house, as we seem to have oiks throwing stones at our patio doors every year or so, and we wanted to at least know what they looked like.  … Continue reading

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Fixing our Bosch ‘1 minute remaining’ dishwasher issue

We have a built-in Bosch dishwasher in our kitchen, and it has started occasionally not really running well, and never finishing the cycle – it just sits showing 1 minute forever, with the drain pump running.  We tried changing the … Continue reading

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