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Back home safely

Brief post for Breff and JIm who I think are in Ireland.  Title says it all really, we’re home safely.  Loads of photos on Flickr in a set here.  Photos with Kat, Alan or Sara are flagged as family only … Continue reading

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Bass line

A couple of years ago I built a sub-woofer hidden in the floor (See here for more info on that).  It sounds great instantly, but I have also put in a digital filter system to allow the response to be … Continue reading

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enclosed for some reason

I am in Halifax this week, and whilst there, walking through an old mill (Dean Clough), I spotted an intruiging metal plate in the road :- It is fairly obviously a weighbridge, but the odd thing was the text on … Continue reading

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Has democracy passed it’s sell-by date?

Some while back I posted on whether democracy really was the least worst option (see here).  I have been musing on this again recently.  It feels to me like the real value in democracy is that it prevents concentration of … Continue reading

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The Quackometer

I’ve just found The Quackometer site.  An automated review of any site to try and estimate how much quackery is contained within.  It also introduces the new unit of the ‘Canard’ which it defines as the official SI unit of … Continue reading

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