This is a public site, so I will get e-mail bombed etc. if I list actual contact info. But, you do have some options to get hold of me :-

I’m on Facebook here. Make a friend request, and if I know you I’ll respond

I’m on LinkedIn here (I think – it’s hard to work out the actual link to use). Presumably you can make a contact request from there as well.

I’m on MySpace here. Don’t go to – that’s someone else completely. I’m a

Leave a comment on this page. All comments are moderated, so it won’t appear, I’ll see it and I can mail you back direct.

I’m also findable at other sites, though not really useful for contact. I’m on Flickr here, post on the AVForum web site (profile page here), and have an entry from Google reader for feeds I’ve read that are interesting here as a web page, or here as a feed (the most recent 10 also appear in a side-bar on the blog).


2 Responses to Contact

  1. Charles PRESTON says:

    Thanks for a fascinating blog! My current need is for a black box type mains timer to provide an on-time of up to say 10 minutes for controlling a bathroom fan. Any suggestions? I started out with the NE555 but this entails low voltage supply etc.

  2. Henry says:

    Hi Greg,

    I stumbled upon your blog entry related to the solid state relay + PID temperature controller. I am thinking about doing the same project. Is it possible for you to kindly share how you hooked up everything in the glamor shot here ( I am a little clueless as to where the wires should go at this point. Thank you very much.

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