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enclosed for some reason

I am in Halifax this week, and whilst there, walking through an old mill (Dean Clough), I spotted an intruiging metal plate in the road :- It is fairly obviously a weighbridge, but the odd thing was the text on … Continue reading

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A human sense of scale

I was reading something on the latest generation of silicon technology recently – devices whose line size is 34 nanometers (that’s 34 billions of a metre).  The example device was a 32Gigabit memory unit – and again, as a reminder, … Continue reading

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3D films – I’m a convert

We just went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.  The film itself was good lighthearted fun, with the normal jokes running at multiple levels.  But the 3D was superb.  I don’t mean the parts where things flew out of … Continue reading

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Mercury and asbestos – winning combination

It has been said that in the Internet age, if information isn’t digitised then it might as well not exist.  My kids certainly think that if it can’t be found by Google then it’s not worth bothering.  One thing that … Continue reading

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