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Getting into laser and water cutting

Time has moved on since I was doing my engineering degree. At the time laser cutting was NASA stuff, and water jet cutting was for cutting coal. We’re looking into replacing some more ballustrading, and I keep passing a laser … Continue reading

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Excellent visualisation of US energy use

I love it when someone turns raw data into a well visualised representation. One I found today is of US energy consumption, below (original here – it’s better to look at that as it doesn’t come out at full width … Continue reading

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Bloke coke. Yuch.

I’ve just tried coke zero, as there wasn’t any diet coke left. It’s horrible. I’m quite happy to stick to diet coke even if it is advertised at women (I like to think i’m immune to advertising, though I’m human, … Continue reading

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Easier & faster ice filtering of stock (maybe)

A few months ago I wrote about our first attempt at ice filtered stock (see here).  It tasted fabulous, but it took days and days to do the ice filtering.  I wondered if this was due to the small surface … Continue reading

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Slow T-mobile web-n-walk speed in the evening

I have a T-mobile web-n-walk that I use for connecting to the internet from my flat.  It works pretty reliably, but I have noticed that it is slower in the evening.  This week it has been driving me mad, so … Continue reading

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