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Flatworms – a new example of homepathic thinking

I had a discussion today about flatworm learning (pretty rock and roll eh!).  It was stated that flatworms that had been trained to run a maze could be ground up and fed to another flatworm who would then be able … Continue reading

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Induction cooking on the cheap

We’ve just seen that LIDL are selling self-standing single induction hob for £30 (see here).  We have an induction main hob in the kitchen, and having used it for a few years, I find it very hard to believe that … Continue reading

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I’ve just played a whimsical adventure game called Machinarium.  I was reminiscing about a game called Grim Fandango that I played years ago, and found a link suggesting that Machinarium, released last year, would appeal.  It’s not the same scale … Continue reading

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British nuclear weapons – why?

I was reading an article on the BBC web site (here) about Trident and its replacement.  All three main parties in Westminster agree on the need (to varying degrees – Lib Debs least) … but as I read it I … Continue reading

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That sinking feeling about your home

I went for a bike ride with Kat today, and we were stopped by a steel wire strung across the path between a large van and a canal boat.  Well stopped by a man who pointed to the wire, so … Continue reading

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