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The incredible part is not the food

I’ve watched two of the Heston Blumenthal ‘incredible challenge‘ programmes now, the first on airplane food, and the second on submarine catering.  There was the normal slightly wacky thoughts at the start – sufficiently far out that I have to … Continue reading

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How can markets be made to care about the environment?

I was recently musing on what the right discount rate was for activities that reduce damage to the environment, and how you enable them, since it clearly isn’t the kind of 5% long term interbank lending rate, or over 10% … Continue reading

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I hate to-do lists – any ideas?

I find to-do lists are pretty annoying, especially at home, even though they feel like they should be valuable.  What bugs me most is that if that the more you try and list all the tasks, the worse it makes … Continue reading

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Moving base clock (geek^2)

Binary clocks are so last millennium.  You know the ones I mean – each of the normal decimal digits are represented in binary.  If you don’t know what I mean, I suggest you stop here and move along to something … Continue reading

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Mercury and asbestos – winning combination

It has been said that in the Internet age, if information isn’t digitised then it might as well not exist.  My kids certainly think that if it can’t be found by Google then it’s not worth bothering.  One thing that … Continue reading

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