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When will Microsoft learn (or will it?)

I’ve been watching with interest the discussions on an ISO standard for office files.  There is a standard called ODF (Open Document Format), used by Open Office.  Microsoft clearly sees this as a threat since it removes the current dependency … Continue reading

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What is this door for?

When we were going down to London, I spotted a mystery door high up on the wall of an industrial building. It lead to a tiny balcony, just big enough for the door to open. We were mystified as to … Continue reading

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Imperial war museum

On Wednesday we went down to London, and went around the Imperial War Museum with Breff and Jim (my parents). I don’t think I’ve ever been before, and whilst I wouldn’t make a habit of going, it was very interesting. … Continue reading

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Too much salt in sauces/stock

Once again, over Christmas, we have been surprised at just how salty most prepared sauces and stocks are.  We have been looking for a decent source of stocks, since we are too lazy to make our own too often.  We … Continue reading

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Deep Simplicity by John Gribbin

I’ve just finished reading ‘Deep Simplicity’ by John Gribbin, that Breff gave me for my birthday. Early on I was a little skeptical about whether I would learn anything new – it looked like another exposition on chaos, and how … Continue reading

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