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Fooled by randomness

I just read a superb book called ‘Fooled by Randomness’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I wish I had read it before, and can see that it is a book I will re-read a couple of times. It would be trite … Continue reading

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The shame – engineering credentials in tatters ;-)

This morning Sara’s Espace wouldn’t start. We tried a jump-starter battery thing. No joy. We tried jump-leads to the Jeep. No joy. We said several unprintable things about Renaults and called the AA. He has just arrived, and using his … Continue reading

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Blogs from McKinsey folks, past and present

There are a few McKinsey folks (or alumni) who have blogs, and there is a page with links to them at They all appear more erudite than this, so I suggest you read one of them instead 😉

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Financial complexity is not the same as sophistication

I am intrigued by the current financial market issues. I don’t pretend to be an expert, or even hugely widely informed, but I have had enough exposure to be able to read between the lines, and do at least know … Continue reading

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Autumn is on the way

We went for a lovely stroll through the wood today. It’s obvious that there have been less folks there this year since many of the paths are pretty overgrown :- You can also see autumn on the way. It looked … Continue reading

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