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Rubbish statistics about rubbish

I saw an article in the Daily Mail today (read for research purposes only I hasten to add) about how much waste is clothing.  They called it the Primark effect.  The article claims that “Throwaway fashion that cannot be recycled … Continue reading

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Latest and greatest idea for bookcases

One of the projects that we’ve had on the go for quite a while is to create a proper library.  I should probably be specific here about what constitutes a proper library, apart from loads of books.  For me, it’s … Continue reading

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Bad science – part read review

I usually wait until finishing a book to jot down some thoughts.  But Bad Science by Ben Goldacre is such a gem that I’ll note it now.  It a fabulous take-down of pseudo-science, but also educates readers and is well … Continue reading

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The Bush tragedy by Jacob Weisberg

I have been intrigued about how George Bush was not only elected once, but re-elected as US president.  So, in a bored moment, I bought The Bush Tragedy: The Unmaking of a President.  It promised much,and is worth a read, … Continue reading

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Linux load failure :-(

One of the common issues with experimentation is the failure to report tests that do not show the result you had expected.  Complementary medicine is noted as poor, but may just be a rather visible target.  I am as prone … Continue reading

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