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Windy morning

Since I’m no longer biking to work I thought I’d better get out for some exercise at the weekend, so I went out for a morning bike ride this morning. It does feel easy to head out at 7:30 on … Continue reading

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Halo 3 – I was disappointed until I saw XBox live

I finally got to play through most of the Halo 3 campaign. I confess to being somewhat disappointed by it. The first game felt revolutionary, and astonishingly polished compared with what had gone before. This has better graphics, and better … Continue reading

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Recycling – a surprising success

A few months ago our village became part of the council scheme to collect recyclable waste in special bins.  We were intrigued to see how well this worked, not least since it meant our normal bin would only be collected … Continue reading

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Room service

I’ve been staying in the St. Davids hotel when in Cardiff. Nice architecture, nice room, great views, fresh sea air at night, walking distance to the office … but, there is a niggle, and it irritates me enough that I … Continue reading

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New job, new folks to shoot

It was the first week at my new job last week. And, I have to say I enjoyed being back at work (though folks from work might read this, so I could hardly say otherwise 😉 It’s true though). There … Continue reading

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